RFA Industry

Infyline PLM facilitates the management of key product related data, processes and people throughout the entire product lifecycle.

PLM Benefits

Benefits with Infyline

Product Design

Work Flow helps to Track Design Stages and thus improve visibility and effective communication digitally.

BOM Management

BOM version management, Handled Product Change Management, BOM Comparison

Digital Library

All Kind of Library Theme and Concept, Inspiration, Fabric, Trims, Accessories, Packing, Washes Dry and Wet, Color, Embroidery. Prints, Product Catalogues Which Improves Designers creativity

Vendor Collaboration

Complete Vendor Management can be done from Sending Quotes to Comparison Graphically and confirming orders

Product Costing

Customized Costing Template helps and BOM helps to give quick costing and various Option feasibility

Seasonal and Merchandising Planning

Digitalized Planning Helps with Standard Template to Monitor the Overall status of Plan.

MIS And Reports

Due to Collaboration of Vendors and all Stake Holders We can generate the Reports graphically and save Time and Efforts.

Alerts and Notification on Critical Path

Alerts, Notification and Escalation against the standard work flow gives visibility and improves performance and achieved On time Every Time

Case Studies

Value Adds

  • CAD/CAM Integration
  • API Integration
  • ERP Integrations
  • Visual Collaboration
  • Quality Control