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Globalisation is reshaping the world and creating a truly dynamic business environment. It is confronting CXOs with opportunities and challenges that demand new ways of thinking and innovative strategies.

While global sourcing has gained traction as a cost-saving approach, only few companies have been able to tap its potential to deliver continuous, long-term results. The reason: challenges in embracing the right sourcing decisions.

Exploring sourcing options and choosing the optimum one for a business requires sourcing experience and expertise in multiple business contexts. The ability to bring in diverse perspectives, understand emerging trends and a detailed insight into the potential business impact, are all critical. Moreover, it is essential to validate these possibilities and new concepts for their relevance to the specific business context


Dedicated development center (DDC) Offshore is preferred approach for startups as well as established businesses to systematically implement, maintain and enhance software product for their business. Offshore product development leverages the business by providing cost benefits, flexibility, control.

Following are few of the many benefits of having an offshore development center with Infyline.

Leverage Your Business:

Infyline has a team of experts providing you with seamless advantage to ensure you have right skillsets available to any of your technological needs. This provides and immense advantage of having the flexibility of scaling up or down the team based on business needs.

Retain Domain And Skill Knowledge:

A dedicated team working on the customer’s software/technology will retain domain knowledge. There is also total freedom to propagate your own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques at the DDC. Protection of intellectual property

The DDC will provide for staff planning that ensures the client does not lose time or effort due to change of personnel. It shall do so through:

  • Knowledge Transfer Processes.
  • Continuous learning by a core dedicated management team.
  • Staff rotation and replacement in a planned manner.
  • Retention of staff through innovative HR initiatives.

Cost Saving On HR Processes:

A dedicated team working on the customer’s software/technology will retain domain knowledge. There is also total freedom to propagate your own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques at the DDC. Protection of intellectual property

Cost Saving On Infrastructure:

Infyline have a very modern and sophisticated infrastructure in place which provides a private office area on DDC setup. Your business do not need to invest into buying/ renting office setting up all the furniture and ensuring all the corresponding hardware is in place for the team.

Zero Operating Cost:

Every business has operating cost like electricity bills, rentals, Internet, phone, cleaning staff and so on. With DDC set up you do not incur any operating cost.

Freedom From Payroll Processing Or Compliances:

Again you do not need to invest in HR for payroll processing or invest in Accountants for tax formalities etc

Physical and Legal Security:

Client confidentiality is very important and while Infyline ensures all the employees sign a NDA or legal document with Infyline to ensure all the communication, information and data for the work done stays with the company and isn’t being disclosed outside under any circumstances.Security in terms of software piracy, clients’ proprietary data, code and other information and communication is of paramount importance to Infyline.

ODC-Global Delivery Model (GDM):

We at Infyline have successful track record of clubbing Dedicated Development Centre (DDC) model with Global Delivery Model (GDM). Whereby, based on client’s business needs selected members can travel onsite to client location for preferred duration and return to continue with offshore division. This is very effective as it provides benefits of local connection as well as offshore pricing.

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We assist in the development of a sourcing strategy, identifying potential cost saving opportunities, and supporting in the execution of sourcing transactions. We help define the business requirements and support the negotiations to obtain optimal commercial arrangements.

Our strategic sourcing services are designed to deliver auditable board-sponsored or C-level led change initiatives demanded by enterprises and their shareholders.

We support our clients in getting potentially difficult initiatives off the ground by helping to validate business strategy, assessing the various opportunities and options, gathering the facts to support informed decision making, conducting thorough due diligence exercises, and testing the feasibility of a proposed solution in order to develop a true case for change.


  • Envisioning the future state and drivers.
  • Assess the operations current state to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Collaborate in formulating the business case for sourcing with a focus on ROI.
  • Evaluate the sourcing options and choose the one that is best aligned with the future vision.
  • Identify priorities and rationalise vendors.

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Support implementation of sourcing strategy by helping organisations articulate their Deal and Solution principles and constructing RFP.
Evaluate provider responses to choose the right partner(s) and support with contract finalisation.

Support with transition of services to the chosen partner.

Support in changing the operating model

Infyline helps you develop a detailed understanding of the opportunities presented by global sourcing and leverage these opportunities to enhance both your value and competitiveness.

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